Because connection is why we’re here.


What is a Collective?

A Collective is a group of 4-6 members who engage in an ongoing "Circles to Connect" experience together on a platform called

Who are the OTHERS in my Collective?

Ever wonder why it’s easier to tell a complete stranger your struggles than your own partner or parent? Sometimes a “stranger” can see us in a way that someone who already knows us cannot. The others in your Collective are people, who despite differences in age, gender, sexuality, race, beliefs, geography, are also seeking connection. Because when we talk about an “OTHER PEOPLE MOVEMENT” we really mean to leverage the hidden power in seeing and hearing other people, and in seeing yourself reflected in others.

Why should I become a member to a Collective?

Participants have noted these benefits from experiencing even just one Circle: - deeper connection to self - deeper connection to others - and improved relationships outside of Circle. Participants have noted these benefits from experiencing multiples Circles with the same Collective of people: - a sense of belonging to a group - greater resilience - and improved social and emotional well-being.

What does my membership entail?

As a member of this Collective, you pay $99/month to have exclusive access to: - 6 Circles with your Collective over the course of 3 months - a private Facebook group to message your Collective members in between sessions - exposure to positive psychology listening + responding techniques


You are invited to join a Collective after experiencing an entry CIRCLE to connect.