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 We are connected to more people than ever before, but we are starved for deep &       meaningful connections.


 The problem is loneliness. And while research shows this is particularly true for teenagers     and the elderly, one often under-studied group is people in their 30s. It's a decade of many   decisions and much change, of loss of friendship, but maybe gain in partnership or career, or   maybe hardship in partnership and career. Without a consistent group of people, your 30s   can be a lonely time.


 So this is where OPM Collective comes in. We are a community of 30-somethings who are   looking to navigate the many ups and downs of this decade of their life with OTHER PEOPLE.


 Start by downloading the Coloring Book above and reflecting on your connections. Then,   attend a TEA Time to meet me and other potential new members of our community. Then,   attend an entry CIRCLE to experience the format of CIRCLE. And then, receive an invitation   to join an ongoing Collective of 4-5 other 30-somethings who are here for the same reason   as you.


 Welcome and hope to enjoy a cuppa tea with you soon.

 I see you, I love you,


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