Black OPM Mask

Social distancing is a form of OTHER PEOPLE MATTERing. Staying at home and not seeing other people actually does mean you care about other people. That you love other people. Even the strangers who live halfway across the world. Because we all know by now that your health is their health, and their health yours. And if you have to go out, which we all do (and we will be able to more and more) wear a mask. Wear a mask that shows you believe OTHER PEOPLE MATTER. That even says it! Purchase a pair of OPM masks- one for you and one for an OTHER person.

Black OPM Mask

  • - Single-ply cotton face mask

    - Comes in black with white lettering

    - Best for all face shapes because it’s stretchy and has two different size settings

    - Best used for walks or quick errands where there are not big crowds as there is only one layer of cotton

    - Washable and reusable 

    - Sold in a pair

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Sophia Kokores

"Because connection is why we're here."

Connection Experience Designer + Coach

Founder, OPM Collective

M.A. Positive Psychology, UPenn