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M Stands For Movement

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Out of respect to Black Lives Matter, OPM has moved from standing for “Other People Matter” to “Other People Movement.”

From MATTER... OPM started with a jacket. A jacket that read OTHER PEOPLE MATTER in bold letters on the back. It was meant to spark conversation and connection between strangers. And it did. Many controversial ones and many bridge-building ones.

... to MOVEMENT.

It is my duty as a human and my obligation as a small business owner of a business that preaches OTHER PEOPLE to amplify black voices and to raise awareness around BLACK LIVES MATTER. Because they do, they have, and they always will. And because white people, as I am one, have historically taken from and silenced not only black people, but many groups of people of color, I have vowed to do both the internal and external work to ensure I no longer engage in such behaviors. And so, it is specifically with BLACK LIVES on my mind and in my heart, that I announce that I am changing my company’s name from Other People Matter Collective to OTHER PEOPLE MOVEMENT Collective. 


A movement is started when a collective (or a group) of people (aka you all) come together to spark change. Social change. Sometimes it begins with a march. Sometimes with a speech. And sometimes with an article of clothing. OPM Collective has sparked the beginning of an OTHER PEOPLE movement. A movement where that which makes us different is recognized and celebrated, not neglected and shamed. A movement where people take the time to understand and to listen to one another, not to silence or talk over one another. A movement where OTHER no longer carries a negative connotation, but is a word that signifies growth both in self-awareness (who am I?) and social awareness (who are you? and how do we relate?).  A movement, that at its very core, is all about human connection. Because connection is why we're here.


And with that, I describe my company. OPM Collective is a collection of experiences that connect humans to one another. We design experiences (mainly Circles) and clothing pieces (there will be some new products coming soon, stay tuned) that enable people to connect to themselves and to others.  By reading this newsletter, you’ve already joined the movement, so thank you. But you can deepen your connection to the movement and to other people by joining a smaller Collective in a “Circle to Connect”.  Circles, I believe, are the wave of the future. They will be the force that enable and empower us to truly connect to one another in this new era we live in. We will be launching one Mom's Collective, one Men's Collective, and one DI (diverse and inclusive) Collective this summer. Each collective has 4-6 people who meet every other week online in a facilitated Circle. We explore our connection to ourselves, each other, and the world at large through guided mindfulness, sharing, listening, and responding practices. It has been said from our members of our pilot Collective, that Circles feel “like getting a massage for your soul twice a month”. I invite you to come check out a Circle for yourself. I host a free Circle every Thursday. Sign up below.  You can also help spread the OTHER PEOPLE MOVEMENT by referring “Circles to Connect” to the amazing humans you all know. Circles are for everyone. And work best for those who are beginning or already on their journey of connection with self and OTHER PEOPLE. Thank you for all you do to connect to yourself and to OTHER PEOPLE. You're making the world a better place.

Love, Sophia

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