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Connection in the time of COVID with The Loneliness Guy

You know when you just have a spark of connection with someone? Someone you meet at a coffee shop or standing in line for the bathroom. Well we don't get those in person right now, but there's still millions of people to meet over SM.

I met Phil @the_loneliness_guy a few weeks ago over IG and then we spoke on the phone and there it was- that spark. He is smart, witty, and wildly well versed in loneliness and connection. He has started conversations, and Facebook groups, and podcasts, and coaching programs for both diplomats and for gay men because he knows just how lonely it can feel to be a traveling diplomat and/or a man wrestling with his sexuality. He then invited me to become part of his podcast. I was honored. We spent an hour discussing - over a cuppa coffee in our respective areas of the world (me, San Fran, and him Wellington, New Zealand) - positive psychology, loneliness, why it's a gift, how it shows up for us during COVID, and what our thoughts are on how to solve chronic loneliness.

Phil has a way with words (and with people) and something he said has stayed with me when he was reflecting back on what he understood OPM Circles to be: "A circle while closed, is a space to open up." Brilliant. Yes they are. There is so much space for duality within a circle- for both close intimacy and open space, for both facing loneliness and growing connection.

Have a listen to our "Connection Over Coffee". It's real, it's thought-provoking, and it hopefully helps YOU- whether you are a gay man, a diplomat, a 30-something woman in transition, a baby boomer, a creative, a mental health practitioner, an entrepreneur, or just a human who is suffering in social isolation right now- feel connected to others who are going through the same thing.

You are not alone. Grateful we are in this together and grateful to Phil for creating this podcast for the world.

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