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Let's celebrate ONE FULL YEAR of quarantine!

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Let's celebrate ONE FULL YEAR of quarantine! Ok, "celebrate" is a weird word to use during a global pandemic. But it's also appropriate because it nudges us to pause and acknowledge and reflect on all that has come and all that is yet to be. Think about it. That's what we do at weddings and it also's what we do at funerals.

So, to celebrate ONE FULL YEAR of being in quarantine (that's right March 16, 2021 will mark 365 days from the first day of the first lockdown where I live in San Francisco, California), OPM Collective gifts you a tool to celebrate your social well-being. That's right, even if your social well-being has tanked this past year (as it has for most people), it's still time to celebrate all you've endured and all that is around the corner for you and your social well-being.

Our gift to you, this "Connection Reflection Coloring Book".

It's full of science and art (thank you to our artist Nineth May); self and others; introspection and retrospection; mind and heart. It's the perfect blend of what we loved to do as small children (color) and what we hardly find the time to do as adults (reflect, particularly on our social well-being).

You may just find that in starting to use this book, your connection to your self and to others grows. You may also discover some gaps and some holes. Also helpful information. And while I promise you that YOU are very unique, your struggles are not. Someone else in the world is completing this coloring book and experiencing the same struggle in connection that you are.

So how do you use this coloring book?

I suggest: Print it out (select landscape mode and scale to "fit to paper"). Turn on some music. Brew some tea. Get out your coloring pencils. Start to read. Then start to write. Then start to color. Then maybe change the song. Or the color of your pencil. Or the page. You'll know what feels right.

If you need a little inspiration, take a look at this video...

I really hope you enjoy your gift. It’s more than just a book; it’s time and space to reflect.

May your colored pencils take you where you need to go...

I see you, I love you,


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