Where do you go to feel truly seen and heard?

Experiences of true, deep

connection are hard to come by.

CIRCLES to connect

helps to solve this problem.

What are CIRCLES to connect?

A 90min online experience where 4-6 people connect in a CIRCLE, facilitated by a positive psychology practitioner.

Why should I join a CIRCLE to connect?

Strong and healthy human connection is as vital for your health as good sleep, exercise, and diet.
Disconnection (sometimes called loneliness), on the other hand, has been named, by former US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, a public health “epidemic”. Research shows it is as detrimental to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

Who are CIRCLES to connect for?

CIRCLES to connect are for the connected and the disconnected. For those who are seeking deeper human connection. And honestly, everyone is. We appreciate and attract diversity across age, gender, sexuality, race, beliefs, and geography.

How do I get started?

Come see if this is for you by joining an entry CIRCLE to connect on a Thursday. Participants often leave in awe of how quickly and deeply they can connect with “strangers” in this setting.

What will I experience in my entry CIRCLE to connect?

You will meet 4-6 others (who you don't know yet) on an online Platform called circl.es and engage in a 100 minute CIRCLE followed by a 20 minute explanation of what being part of an ongoing Collective is like. During the CIRCLE, you will experience the structural components of CIRCLE which include: - Meditating - Journaling - Noticing in one another - Exploring a personal issue - Asking one another questions - Sharing gratitude

What happens after an entry CIRCLE to connet?

​After experiencing an entry CIRCLE to connect, and if both you and OPM Collective feel it’s a great fit, you will be invited to join an ongoing Collective where you will be placed into a group of another 4-5 amazing humans who will meet in CIRCLE every other week for 4 months.

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Sophia Kokores

"Because connection is why we're here."

Connection Experience Designer + Coach

Founder, OPM Collective

M.A. Positive Psychology, UPenn