Where do you go to feel truly seen and heard?

What are Circles to Connect?

A 90min online experience where 4-6 people connect in a Circle, facilitated by a positive psychology practitioner.

Why is this for you?

Perhaps you are "well-connected" but you don't feel you can really go deep in your relationships.


Perhaps you have experienced loneliness during this time of social distancing.


Perhaps you are undergoing a transition and feel disconnected to the people who have always been there for you. 


Circles to Connect are for the connected and disconnected. For those who are seeking deeper human connection. 

Because connection is why we're here.

Disconnection (sometimes called loneliness) has been named, by former US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, a public health “epidemic”. Research shows it is as detrimental to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Put another way, strong and healthy human connection is as vital to your health as good sleep, exercise, and diet. 


You are invited to join a Collective after you’ve experienced a free Entry Circle.


A Collective is a group of 4-6 individuals who engage in this "Circles to Connect" experience together on a platform called circl.es.

As a member of this Collective, you pay $99/month to have exclusive access to:

  • 6 Circles with this group of people on the online platform over the course of 3 months

  • a Facebook group to message your Collective members in between sessions

  • digital materials that cover the positive-psychology techniques we practice and apply as a group.

Who is in my COLLECTIVE?

Ever wonder why it’s easier to tell a complete stranger your struggles than your own partner or parent? Sometimes a “stranger” can see us in a way that someone who already knows us cannot. The OTHERS in your Collective are people, who despite differences in age, gender, sexuality, race, beliefs, geography, are also hungry for connection. 


Because when we talk about an “OTHER PEOPLE MOVEMENT” we really mean to leverage the hidden power in seeing and hearing other people, and in seeing yourself reflected in others.  

“Like a massage for your soul twice a month.”

What is the structure of a 90-minute Circle?

What are the benefits of CIRCLES TO CONNECT?

  • Opening Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Sharing and Noticing in one another

  • Exploration and Inquiry (one person volunteers to dive in deep on a personal issue each Circle) 

  • Appreciations

  • Closing

  • Deeper connection to self

  • Deeper connection to others

  • Greater sense of belonging (of feeling truly seen and heard)

  • Improved relationships outside of Circle

  • Greater resilience (connection is a key lever to resilience)

  • Greater social and emotional well-being


"Circle went by so fast. It was almost like I was in a state of flow. It reminded me of when I was running a radio show, time would go by so quickly. I recognized that for me, it's other people. That's what makes me feel fulfilled. And how you taught how to notice and how to ask questions- such a fulfilling way to interact with other people." - Nick Hernandez

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Sophia Kokores

Connection Experience Designer + Coach

Founder, OPM Collective

M.A. Positive Psychology, UPenn